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Nemesys Homepage - Current Version: e0.2 aka 'Engine Build'
3/30/12(8:40 PM) - Blog <:D Hello! SailingBurrito here... As of now, we'll be posting solely on the
new blog, found here.
All game updates will still be hosted on this website, but the posts will
only be seen from the blog. Good day ^-^ -SailingBurrito(Eddy)
3/22/12(10:07) - Le Zombies Rise Once More! What's this? We aren't dead? But it's been so long... that's right folks
we are back. I want to apologize for not hearing from us in so long but
we have been awfully busy. We are currently transferring from OpenGL/SDL
to Direct X. This has been taking a while. However, once transferred, production
speed will be "threefold". On the brighter side, have some secrets to share!
The next version of Nemesys (no confirmed release date) will be including
some cool new features besides melee like arrows and magic! As of now
the attack methods can be toggled through the bottom of the screen. So,
once again to confirm, we are not dead. Just working extra hard to provide
the best quality for Nemesys. Activate your patience juices and wait till
further news is addressed. Until then, play the last version of Nemesys, which
is strangely addictive considering such a premature stage. But yeah, that's
pretty much it! Taly ho, good day/night/paradox time to you! ^___^
2/29/12(9:16 PM) - OVER 1000 VIEWS CELEBRATION!! Eddy (AKA SailingBurrito) decided it's too hard to make a nice post
for the site, so I'll do it for him. If you didn't read the title
for some stupid reason we won't talk about, Nemesys has reached over
1000 visits!! I don't care if you don't find that important, we do!!
Putting all your offensive comments about how you don't care aside,
we want to thank you all for the support. Hopefully we will soon reach
5000, then 10,000, and so on. That's the nicest I've ever been and ever
will be. By the way, considering I've adressed Eddy as a different person,
you can probably tell it's not Eddy typing. (Hopefully you can tell)
I am currently learning C++ and will begin aiding Le Master Eddy in
working on the game. So thanks again, and we hope to have much more success
to come! -Kidtechboy (Jp)
2/28/12(6:32 AM) - <GAME UPDATE> Version e0.2_3 Part 2 O: I almost have to go (damnit, school)... But I added some minor stuff.
I'm exhausted from working on that bloody tile system, so I decided to
take a break from that horseshit and focus on the interface a little
-> Inventory outline window (Press 'I')
-> Enemy moves based on each tile now as opposed to (x,y) movement
-> Some other technical stuff I have no time to explain right now
2/27/12(3:44 AM) - <GAME UPDATE> Version e0.2_3 ^-^ Overview of the update:
-> Got some more work done on the tile system (I hate working on this part)
-> Power Points!
-> Developer RAR Download :} (E-Mail me if you want the link [arfyou@gmail.com])...
-> NemesysLargeMap.exe (I will be using this as a base for the upcoming Level Editor!)
(I will explain more tomorrow. I am Tired as a fireman's sweaty nutsack right now)...
2/21/12(3:32 AM) - <GAME UPDATE> Version e0.2_2 :} Things are looking quite nice... I got started on the tile system
and map loading. However, the maps currently have to be hard-coded
since I haven't gotten file input/output to work yet. You can expect
a level editor to come out sometime around March-April...
As for the tile system: it's not completely working yet. What I'm
currently working on is that the player must be bound to a tile
at any time. They will inherit their x and y position from the tile's
id_x and id_y variables. The tiles however can contain an
entity(player/enemy), but aren't always bound to one.
Whenever a player moves, he will invoke the unbind_tile() function
setting the old tile's 'Player* p' member field to NULL and the player's
'Tile t' member field to the next tile.(ex: if he moves up, int new_tx = t.get_id_x() + 1
and we will iterate through the 2d array of tiles to find the tile that
contains the new id_x and id_y values, thus binding the new tile to the player, and vice versa)

As for the update notes:
-> Started on the tile system and a fraction of the map system
-> Tile-dependent movement coming soon
-> Tile-dependent collision coming soon as well!
-> Level/Map editor coming soon!

2/19/12(12:02 AM) <GAME UPDATE> Version e0.2_1 :D First upload since the restart... I think things are going much smoother this
time around since I've got some experience under my belt...
e0.2 Update Notes:
-> Movement (WASD)
-> Healing (H)
-> Death (occurs when your hp <= 0)
-> Respawning (R)
-> Attacking (Spacebar)
-> Enemy follows you around if you are within range and attacks you he gets too close...
-> Current source files: main.cpp, player.cpp, enemy.cpp
-> Current header files: globals.h, player.h, enemy.h

2/19/12 - Bittersweet New Beginning

As some of you may or may not know, we've had to restart the game.
Yes, restart. Windows XP is such a generous operating system, that it
wholeheartedly decided to clear some (all) of my hard drive to make room
for new content. Thank you, XP.
Blatantly obvious sarcasm aside, we're going to be taking the process a
bit slower this time, and actually updating the website.
Ah, yes. The website. I've decided to go ahead and take this opportunity
to tweak it a bit. Not much. Just added a side bar and a simpler way to
edit it. Also, removed the useless *white* version of the site and added
a much better form of navigation (now accessible through the new side bar)

In short, we'll be restarting the project, we changed the site a
bit, and we'll be updating much more frequently. -SailingBurrito (Eddy)


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